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When a child leaves home for school, he feels scared especially the first few days. This does get rather disconcerting for the parents who would like to keep him close, but they need to get used to this being a part of their normal lives.

The preschool the parents select is also equally important. The teachers should be friendly, the curriculum should be interesting and engaging, and the environment should be conducive for the child to learn.

One of the preschools to look out for is Chiltern House preschool, which offers programmes with a focus in preparing your young child for primary school. There is linguistics, Mathematics, Science and aesthetics aspects to prepare your child all-round. If you wish to give your child that advantage for primary school, you should definitely check them out.

Here are a couple of ways to help parents dispel butterflies in your child’s stomach as he ventures out towards the playgroup.

Encourage Him to Be Brave

Separation anxiety can cause a child to break out in a tantrum or cry incessantly. Parents must let him know that his feelings do matter, and a hug will help him. Though it is difficult, it is vital to encourage your little one to be brave and take this little step. By encouraging him and speaking about making friends and having fun with his peers, he may accept defeat and move on ahead, a trifle slowly at first, but after a few days he will settle in well.

Get the Routine Done Right

Being at home for a long time makes kids feel secure. Prior to the date when he will start enrolment in a preschool, it is necessary to prepare him for time away from you. In doing so, he slowly adjusts to know that while he would prefer to stay at home with Mommy, he must go out there, make friends, and learn something new. Get him to wave at you occasionally as he journeys on toward the playgroup. By doing so, he mentally realizes that he will be doing this often like a game and he will adjust.

Point Out the Positive

Try telling a child that he can play and have fun away from home and watch his face change from confused happiness and finally a burst of utmost joy. As you point out the positive in the learning curve that he will go through at the playgroup, he will be ready to try out exciting things. You can, for instance, teach him a nursery rhyme and dramatize the poem relating that there is more to learn out there. Kids are actually pretty keen on wanting to learn more and using this as a positive will prepare him for a more formal structure.

In short, care must be taken to help your child adapt to going to a preschool where he will not see you for a period of time daily. He needs to be able to adapt to this environment, otherwise he will be unable to focus during preschool, and will not take in the useful lessons there. If such a scenario happens, the amount you are spending on preschool for him is going to waste. Hence, ensure that he will be able to cope well without your presence.