Should you send your child to preschool? Research makes a compelling case for preschool education.


Many parents are struggling with the decision on whether they should start sending their children to preschool. For one, it may incur costs that otherwise will not be there especially if the child has a caregiver at home. More importantly though, parents feel they are taking away a huge part of their kid’s childhood when they are sent to school too early. This topic has been a source of concern for the government because of the implications towards a nation’s budget and its economy, that a lot of researchers have been asked to do latitudinal and longitudinal studies.

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The results of the research are clear: preschool education is important to your children. Claudio Sanchez of NPR writes about what preschool can do for young children.


Preschool makes sure that your child is ready.


Some of the nation’s top researchers who’ve spent their careers studying early childhood education recently got together in Washington with one goal in mind: to cut through the fog of studies and the endless debates over the benefits of preschool. Read more here!


Preschool curriculums that allow children to learn and socialize are beneficial to all children. It helps children be more prepared to take on formal education. Through core curriculums, children are better prepared for school. By playing with peers, children become more emotionally mature and are able to grasp the concept of collaboration. Most children who have undergone preschool are emotionally capable of being separated from their parents. They expect that they will have to deal with a different set of people because of their experience. For children who are bilingual, preschool helps them bridge the gap between their mother tongue and the second language that they are learning through interaction and social learning. Why can this not wait until a child is in kindergarten then? The Economist outlines why children should start as early as possible.


To get ahead, you will have to start early.


Some also question the emphasis on the age of four. New research suggests the achievement gap between rich and poor children starts far earlier—even right after birth. By 18 months children from disadvantaged homes are already several months behind in their vocabulary and language-processing abilities. Read more here!


Every development stage of a child is important. The first three years of your child are part of their formative years and what happens in these three years greatly determine what is ahead of them. Vocabulary and language, which are needed to succeed in life, are foundations that are laid very early on. You simply cannot take this stage for granted and put it off when your child is four. A parent should prepare their child the best way that they can and preschool is there to help. The proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” still rings true to this day. Parents who provide their children a loving home can also help them relate with their peers through preschool. Sometimes, though, it’s not just about getting ahead. It’s also about helping children who aren’t doing so well in their early years. Jonah Lehrer, writing for wired.com, cites several studies on why preschool is important for children especially for disadvantaged kids.


Preschool bridges the gap for children despite socio-economic status.


Adults assigned to the preschool program were 20 percent more likely to have graduated from high school and 19 percent less likely to have been arrested more than five times. They got much better grades, were more likely to remain married and were less dependent on welfare programs. Read more here!


Before there was science to tell us why disadvantaged kids do poorly in school, society often just blames a child’s socioeconomic status. When further studies were conducted, it turns out that children who are more privileged get an early advantage because of their language-filled environment as well as the early education they have been provided. Parents from lower income statuses often cannot send their children to private preschools so this is where the government should step in. Governments must invest in preschool for disadvantaged children to provide them a nurturing environment. There is inherent brilliance in all children and we all just need to make sure we cultivate it.


To conclude, apprehension among parents on whether they should send their children to school is understandable. Preschool benefits children by making them more prepared socially, emotionally, and cognitively so this should alleviate any apprehension. It’s important that children even before formal schooling starts get the most out of their environment because the first formative years have long term effects in a child’s life. Finally, preschool helps disadvantaged children grow. It provides them the environment that they may be missing from their homes and governments must include it in their national budgets. Preschool is great for all children no matter what their background is.

What Goes Into Selecting The Right Nursery School?

Many people mistakenly assume that, choosing a nursery school for children is not that much of a challenge. The reason for this kind of nonchalance is that, they assume that the parameters which distinguish one nursery school from the others are easy to adjudicate on. Experts are repeatedly warning parents to, not select a nursery for their wards without due consideration. Since parents will not always be able to give their full attention to their kids, selecting the right nursery school becomes even more important. Young kids are very impressionable. The kind of beliefs and treatment that they encounter at their nurseries, determines the way they are going to look at things for the rest of their lives. Since different kids react to the same thing differently, their attitudes need to be carefully moulded in specific ways, such that they understand the nuances between the right and the wrong to some extent. Thankfully, parents are now exhibiting increasing prudence when it comes to choosing nursery in Singapore, one such school is Chiltern House Nursery School. In this article we shall discuss, what goes into selecting the right nursery school.

Teachers trained to educate young children well
No matter how good a nursery�s facilities are, the one thing which cannot be substituted by anything are skilled teachers who can handle young children with tact. Young children are inherently curious, so in order to educate them effectively, teachers will have to be patient and elucidate things to their level of intelligence. Additionally, young children can also be frequently restless; this is where tactful handling becomes important. Hence it is imperative that a nursery�s teachers are adequately trained to deal with young kids efficiently and educate them appropriately.

Amenities and security of the nursery
As said earlier, young children can be restless at times. In order to ensure that they do not pose a threat to themselves or others in their childish activities, the nursery�s infrastructure should be made child safe. All of the amenities must be well maintained and should have adequate personnel supervising it. A little care in this regard, will save a lot of problems in the future. Additionally, the nursery furniture should have corner claddings, the floor should be soft and all the plugs and sockets should be out of reach of the kids. Also, the nursery should be well equipped to respond to any emergencies immediately.

Experience your schooling at IB international school

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To enjoy the school days to the fullest choosing the IB international school is a brilliant idea.

A casual education system may offer you high rated study skills, and some kind of physical environment. Are these two aspects enough to make your schooling time and your learning period a good experience for you? Talking about the IB education system, in particular, it makes you grow with experiences. They build the most suitable environment so as to increases your focus towards your studies and your activities.

If you think schooling is all about being focused on the books and writing notes, then the IB education system will help you in changing your mindset. The IB education system will help you in promoting your skills in all the aspects. The regular physical activities which go on in the school helps you in developing your interest in games and sports.

If you are an art lover, then opting for an IB international school is the best decision you can take in order to make your art skills grow faster. The IB curriculum understands the importance of art in the life of a student. They conduct programs at regular interval to increase the creative skills of all the students. Not only do they encourage you to get involved in the art but also makes the subject interesting for you.

As a student, if you consider going to school as a boring thing, then surely you have wasted your precious schooling years. It isn�t that late you can still choose an to make your rest of the schooling life fun for you. The search for an ideal school comes to an end when you choose . To have a jubilant experience while growing, you need an environment filled with positivity. The best part about this curriculum is that they assist you in polishing your hobbies also.

A Few Reasons Why Some Time Away From Textbooks Is A Necessity

Children pretty much like adults seem to be burning the candle at both ends. Right from the time, a child starts preschool education s/he has a host of educative material that the child is expected to master or lose out down the line.

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Here are some reasons why some time away from textbooks is a necessity.

Too much of information is not always a good thing. Children have minds that absorb any interesting piece of informative content. However, too much of knowledge fed all the time with high expectations can scramble the child�s brains and that is certainly not the right approach by an educator or parent.

Everyone irrespective of age needs some time away from the vagaries of life. All work and no play can result in lax muscles making way for obesity to creep in unexpectedly. Kids may just resort to keeping their minds on the books resulting in bad eating habits because of excessive studying. The great outdoors is a wonderful way to help kids exercise their minds and their brains as well.

Since children today have an affinity for gadgets and gizmos, they tend to use these forms of relaxation tools to free themselves from excessive studies. Being ahead in the game is great. Down the line, however, addiction can take over resulting in a host of unlikeable activities that the child may end up in causing her/him to lose focus on the freedom of gaming as a whole and studies too.

Bringing out the best in the child through a series of extracurricular programs brings out their talents. For instance, if kids are interested in theatre or drama and encouraging voice and help will help them in their overall learning curve. Evidence has proven that children tend to do better when they have interests outside the study area.

In many preschools, additional activities like swimming, basketball, tennis, badminton, table tennis and a host of other games are encouraged. It helps children be children as they learn to play sports.

Using their brains to better their learning ability has always been a way forward. However, aside from the usual pedagogy, playing with other kids is also a necessity. The reasons stipulated above highlight the points why some time away from textbooks actually proves beneficial for kids. They become all-rounders instead of just being textbook kids.